About Whitney Yeager

My greatest joy is finding the authentic qualities of my subjects, first through conversation and later through the lens. I strive to capture people the way they want to be seen or remembered, doing what they love most, and in places where they feel happy. While most of my work is of children in their pure and unconscious moments, I also specialize in couples, families and individual portraits. I use natural light, and will go to homes or parks to make my clients feel comfortable in their preferred environment.
For the last 20 plus years, Whitney has taken thousands of images with her 35 mm, Nikon FM2. She also shoots with a medium format Hasselblad. Whitney took two years of photography at the Roland Park Country School, and learned her way around the darkroom under the artistic guidance of Janet Hartman. In 1998 while living in Chicago, she studied under Richard Stromberg at the Jane Addams Center. The JAC Photography Program provided a comprehensive photojournalistic foundation. In the fall of 2007, she took Lighting and Portraiture with Richard Peterson at the Denver Darkroom.

Her photos have been featured at many galleries around Denver including the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center, The Spark Gallery, and Edge Gallery to name a few. In January, 2007 she received the 2nd Place Prize for Best Black & White category at the 41st annual Through the Eye of the Camera show at the Littleton Museum in Colorado. A Represented Artist at the Photographers' Gallery in Cherry Creek North before it closed in 2008. Her photos are now available for purchase at Flash Gallery in Belmar. She teaches an on-going class called "Photographing Children" through Illuminate Workshops.

Black & white photography has always been my passion. It has a timeless, classic quality that's difficult to achieve with color. I've stayed with traditional film because of the grain and contrast in the prints. I don't see the same depth in digital, black & white prints. I find color film can be distracting and that it detracts from the essence of my subject. The light in someone's eyes can jump off a page in a black & white picture, whereas if that same image were in color, it can be absorbed.
-- Whitney Yeager