Price List

Sitting Fee

1-4 people: $200.00
5 or more people: $250.00

Enlargement Fee

Black and white prints are on archival paper, done "by hand" in an enlarger. Your images are on Fiber paper, printed on standard double weight paper by Ilford. It is the best paper the industry has to offer for traditional black and white prints, and will last for generations.

Approximate Size First Print
8x10 $150
11x14 $195
16x20 $250
20x24 $300

Digital Image Fee

For website purposes or business and marketing needs, high resolution digital files are available for purchase at $250.00 per image.


Please call to reschedule 24 hours in advance if the following occurs:
  1. You think you might be late.
  2. You or your child has unsightly marks (cuts, bruises, etc.) on his or her body that you don't want to appear in the pictures.
  3. Your child is too tired or not feeling well.